Lewiston’s diagnosis meant a lot of things but one reality which we know would be true and is true for far too many SMA diagnosis is that they will never experience running freely let along walking – a simple task we all take for granted each day. Now I am not a naturally gifted running, but I do love it. I ran when I hit a rough patch in my life and it was the best therapy. The feeling of one foot pounding the ground after another is incredible.


Now part way through Lewiston’s fight for his life a girl who I had never met sent an email about wanting to do a run for Lewiston. I was so busy and entrenched into his care that I didn’t even have time to process it. I brushed it off as whatever floats your boat. Truly thinking nothing of it as the amount of work into planning something like this is huge.


Now today April 3, 2017 we are officially launching The Lewiston Ultra Marathon – a 50km Trail Run in the beautiful Shuswaps. Let me be real with you – 50KM is not really my thing…I think it sounds a bit crazy. The Lewiston Ultra can be solo or done as a relay. Ronnie and I might form our own teams and have a fun competition of our own. Will see how this silly hip injury is.


I am beyond honoured that this will continue to keep Lewiston’s memory and Legacy alive and help raise awareness for SMA, education and then ultimately help fund and find a cure for this Genetic Disease. I believe we will find a cure and this event just brings us one step closer. So mark your calendars for May 2018 and be sure to check out www.thelewistonultra.com. More info to come as it is released


XO – Jess