Apparel is coming! We’re working hard with local suppliers and garment makers to deliver our dream apparel. Newsflash: Jessica isn’t a fashion designer and has never made patterns (she failed grade 8 sewing). Did you know we aren’t just slapping logos on pre-made garments? Every piece is made from scratch. The apparel line came from the beautiful big heart from Jennifer Mehalko of Parts + Labor, who created a collection of sweatshirts to support Lewiston and our family while we were living at Rotary Flames.

The response was overwhelming and inspired this passion project, and we’re pouring everything we have into to representing Lewiston and his unforgettable heart logo. Please be patient with us, and follow Jessica on Instagram and the Foundation for the most up-to-date info.

Wrinkle and Crease is supporting the Foundation through her sales of the Lewiston Heart Card, Art Prints and Enamels Pins. All proceeds from these product go towards the Love for Lewiston Foundation, shop her site 
to support us.