About the Olstads

Ronnie Olstad and Jessica Janzen met in 2009 when they worked together at Jugo Juice in Calgary, AB. They became “The Olstads” in 2013 and started their family in April of 2015 with the birth of their first child – Swayzie Grace. Lewiston James was born just 13 months later. Jessica and Ronnie experienced the loss of Ronnie’s father in a tragic accident early on in their marriage, which laid the groundwork for a life of celebrating the small moments in life and taking nothing for granted. Prior to their marriage Jessica met and was impacted greatly by a family who’s kids were living with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), a disease that made it impossible for them to enjoy the freedom of movement.

It was on a family vacation to Winnipeg when Lewiston was 2 months old that Jess and Ronnie found out that their son needed medical attention. They had no idea that he would later be diagnosed with SMA, the rare genetic disease that Jessica had been supporting for years before she had children. Lewiston was daignosed with SMA – Type 1 and was given less than a year to live. Connected by their desire to celebrate the time they were given with Lewiston, Ronnie and Jessica decided to start the Love For Lewiston Foundation which to date has raised over $685,000 towards the fight against SMA.

Ronnie is now a partner and Vice President in 98 Food Co., the umbrella company for Chachis Sandwiches, Dirtbelly, Hula, and DeVille Coffee, food concepts originating locally in Calgary that are franchised across Western Canada. He continues to be one of the driving
forces behind LFL.

Jessica focuses her efforts on LFL, a clothing line made in Lewsiton’s honor – The Lewiston Label, and maintains a career as a speaker, author, and coach. Her first book “Bring the Joy” is set to be released in Q2 of 2020.